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My Capelli Salon 

Our  Promise to our Clients

Our stylists will help you to achieve the desired style you've been dreaming of wearing and help you embrace your natural hair texture.

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Salon Services

All services are for clients with any kind of hair whether curly, wavy or straight 

to bring out the beauty of your natural texture. 
All services include wash and natural hair set for curly or wavy hair and blow-out styling for wavy or straight hair.
Additional fee may apply if you request styling using flat or curling iron.

Dry cut - Deva technique 

 The haircut is performed on dry hair in its natural state using the Deva cut technique.

*Wet cut - Traditional technique 

The haircut is performed on wet hair using a comb (after shampoo). 

*This service is temporarily unavailable until further notice.

Gift certificates available

Consultation with a stylist

Consultations are complimentary.

Desired haircut

Wash using DevaCurl or Innersense products

Natural curly hair set or blow out

We offer single process (root touchup), glaze, highlights, balayage & low lights using either the Deva or Traditional technique and more... 

Single process (root touchup or full head)

Choose either a one-inch or two-to-three-inch service depending on how much gray you need to cover.  This service includes glaze to refresh the rest of hair color. Choose full-head, permanent color to refresh existing color. 


Application of glaze to add shine or to refresh oxidized/brassy color.

Deva Technique

Pintura highlights, balayage or low lights (No Foil)

Pintura highlights/lowlights & balayage are performed by applying color to individual curls using the Deva technique which does not use foil.

*Traditional Technique

Highlights (With Foil), balayage or low lights 

These services are performed using the traditional technique using foil.

*This service is temporarily unavailable until further notice.

Gift certificates available 

Consultation with a colorist

Desired color

Wash using DevaCurl or Innersense Products

Natural Curly Hair set or Blow out

Other Deva Hair Services:

Natural Curly Hair Transformation

This service is for clients looking for that perfect hair set for their natural curly or wavy hair to wear at special occasions or events, or for those who wish to learn how to keep their curly or wavy between cuts. 

        Deep Hair Treatments

This service helps repair your hair from excess heat or harsh chemical processing by moisturizing it while washing out harsh chemicals & build up. 


In this service, the hair swept back from the face and neck and arranged in an elaborate fashion for special events such as weddings, graduations and more.

Visit, call or email our salon for a consultation or more information.

Gift certificates available 

Consultation with a stylist

Desired services

Wash using DevaCurl products

Natural curly hair set or blow out


Pedro is an expert!!! He knows curly hair and how to cut it and work with it. When I leave the salon, I feel pretty!!! He taught me techniques, utilizing great products, to keep my curls looking great on my own. I wish I found him YEARS ago!!! Do yourself a favor and make an appointment. You"ll be so glad you did!!!


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